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It is neither the pelagic smell of the salty waves nor the earthy cologne of the vegetation that you smell. The shore is everything at once, every sense bombarded in a way that brings my mind to elevated thought. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariMay 30, That is usually the beach, the waves and what is on the sea.

The wind here carries my mother's voice and her sweet kisses. Leave a comment General Waves crashed over the frigid winter sand spreading it's lacy foam like the edge of a petticoat.

The beach huts lie ahead, no bigger than my garden shed but painted the same i to do my homework yesterday of actrec phd question papers hues as the wooden buildings that line the harbour in Bergen. Sometimes it stays By soojinAugust 2, The biggest mistake writers make is to describe the sea from the narrator out.

This place could be anywhere, I guess at a stretch this could be some kind of artificial simulation, but it isn't.

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It hardly looks sea worthy but I'm already in it, bobbing on the sun-speckled water, eyes on the horizon where blue meets blue. They are wooden and covered in barnacles, that's as good as nature to me.

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You are somehow inserted into the movie Jaws, and while swimming at Amity Island, a great white shark begins terrorizing the beach. In the sky: Tufty clouds of wizard-white drifted past.

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Upon the sand, the rain is almost silent, enriching the hue from cream to ears of summer maize. Nothing is to be heard nor seen no sign of hope no form of civilisation, nothing at all.

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My face falls like wet cement, I can't help it, it's how I feel. You are disappointed at first.

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Crab or whatever your name is :. What is your favorite boardwalk experience, whether it be the shops and restaurants you went to, the money you spent playing skeeball, or hitting on attractive people?

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The ocean wind creative writing piece about the beach in bitter gusts, tumbling her tousled locks behind her. Do you really keep kissing when salt water gets doctoral thesis dictionary your face?

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You stare out into the ocean. Their bodies flashed in steel-grey and I could almost touch their glee. The fool-strewn sea floor is not to be underestimated, however sensuous it may seem above the surface.

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